Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Been to hell, I spell it, spell it D-M-V

A Word to the wise: Don't ever get in a traffic accident in the state of Oregon. After the police complete and file a crash report with the DMV and you explain the accident, in detail, to the police, your insurance agent, an adjustor and countless other jackasses that want to know what happened to your car you are then tasked with the luxury of filling out a DMV accident report form and submitting it to the DMV within 72 hours. Did I mention that the DMV has the most inconvenient god damned hourse for serving those of us who work for a living? They may as well be a bank, at least then you wouldn't get dinged $2.00 for withdrawing money from their ATM seeing how they are the only agency left in the free world that does not accept debit.
Oops! Looks like I'm about 89 hours late and counting...

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Shawn said...

You will be getting Hate mail from them to fill out that report. :)
That happened to the Wife when an illegal uninsured driver rear ended her while she was stopped at a light. The DMV didn't seem to give a Rat's behind that the lady that hit my wife didn't have a drivers license, didn't have insurance and the car wasn't registered to her. But my wife risked losing her license if she didn't fill out the paperwork. Phucked up if you ask me that is a branch of the government bureaucracy machine that needs to be pruned. Maybe pruned then burned and then the ashes should be poisoned just to make sure it doesn’t grow back.

I hope you are at least ok. If not I hope you do soon.